Friday, March 29, 2013

songs of hope

                         FEAR NOT, MY CHILD 
I see
Waves of dreams
Like a rainbow
Spread across your sky.
Although, life is not fair,
But please, journey without fear.
Trek if you have no transport fare.
Journey to the unknown without fear,
Your faith and courage will bring helpers near.

Victory songs

                                            We’ve conquered the Air!

We’ve conquered the air,
Victory songs we sing here!
Our castle is in the air.
There is much fun here.
You don’t need to strain your ear;
Victory chant is always loud enough to hear.
We’re above the grass and above the sea,
Up here we shine for all eyes to see.
At the centre of the sky we are few,
Up here we cannot be hidden from view.
Our castle is in the air,
There is much fun.                                                                                                                                                           
When I grow gray hair
You shall remain my heir
To God I err,
If I refuse to tell you to play your part
If I refuse to tell you to seek own path
I did not blaze a Trail,
By seeking a path that already has a trail.
Build your castle elsewhere,
Not here in the air.


                 I AM

I am the chameleon of many colors
I am the rainbow of seven colors
I am the fountain
I am the sea
I am the mountain
I am the stone
I am the valley
I am the sand
I am diamond
I am gold
I am the sunset by the riverside
I am the tadpole by the streamside
I am the Snail
I am the eagle
I am the ant
I m the lion
I am the horse
I am the thunder
I am the storm
I am the ostrich
I am the moon at the centre of the sky
I am the stars at the heart of your sky
Chameleon of many colors...

Slow Steady Snail


Swift speedy stallion
Snubbed small snail’s slow pace
Said, “Slow slimy snail won’t steal a place in any race”
 Sleek snake said something similar-
“Snail so slow, snail slow snail won’t steal a nice place in any race!”
Although Snake is so smart and stallion is swift
For a first place
But in this race,
Small slow snail’s steady pace won the race!
When sleepy slimy slow snail stretched
Out of its shell,
Sleek smart snake skidded
Off a slippery slope,
Hasty speedy stallion
During the race
Sank with sinking sand,
Slow, steady snail small pace
Won the race!
Slow small snail
Smiled silently,
Said to sinking stallion
And sliding snake,
“My pace might be slow,
But a slow steady, pace
Will always win a race!”

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

". . .TOO MUCH FOR MY INFANT HEART" ( from the collection 'Graceland, my graceland' )


Your beauty strikes my heart
My heart beat a rhythm of love
My mouth sings a beautiful song of hope
My pen is dancing to a beautiful
Poem of love.

The color of your skin
Paints a clear picture of my heart desire,
Your charming smile
Put my soul at ease.

The sparkles in your eyes
Sets my heart’s flame of love ablaze
The coolness of your character
Submit my infant heart to love
The softness of your hands
Caresses me to sleep.

Your breath of kindness
Filled the vacuum of my heart
Like it’s going to burst it
The beauty of your face
Blur my innocent eyes
It put me in a trance
My heart vibrates within me
The fullness of your love
Shake my world
Like the beauty of you
Is too much for my infant heart.